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Whether you are a burgeoning wine professional, a beer connoisseur, a spirits enthusiast, or just want to have some fun with friends...a wine, beer, or liquor tasting party is for you! Right in the living, dinning rooms, or patio of your very own home. It's a great way to learn about the fabulous world of wine, beer, and liquor, catch up with old friends, and start some great conservations with new friends without having to worry about a thing!

Welcome to Chai Wine Tasting!

Each wine, beer, or liquor tasting party includes a unique tasting flight that is selected from our already made flight list. Each flight contains six different alcoholic products of a particular theme. Each participate is given their own packet with the appropriate descriptions of each of the six different products, and their related winery, brewery, or distillery, region, and food pairing ideas to take home, as well as their own pen and paper to take notes with during their tasting. Every flight also comes with the option to have an accompaniment of cheeses and snacks for a small additional charge during your tour. All you have to do is show up and your host, Kristen Scudder will be your guide on your wine, beer, or spirits adventure!

The hardest part is selecting a flight theme for the night however, we make it alittle easier for you! We have created customized flights for each category ranging from The Down Under, the Austinite, to Yo...ho...ho...and a bottle of rum. Therefore, we will have a flight that will surely be a crowd pleaser! Just visit our different Flights tab to see the many flight lists and spirits to chose from.

What do I bring to the party?

Well...everything! That's another reason why Chai Wine Tasting parties are great! I bring everything you will need for your wine, beer, or liquor flight and the party. I bring the following items:

* denotes items that are only brought with the addition of the cheese & snacks board option